Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Vote Nicky for Mayor!

What is he thinking now? Is he in a toothache? I don’t think so… His mona-lisa-like discreet smile reveals a calmness and serenity that comes from deep inside his heart. So, no toothache here…

The pose has a grace and style that no one can deny. Is it his own initiative or did his stylist-image maker-advisor ask him to take it? Well, Nicky is no trolley-go-jolly to be commanded what to do. Not when it comes to style. It is definitely his idea. The pose screams his name all over. And it sends us all a message:

Nicky is here to stay. Support him wholeheartedly in this historical campaign of his for the salvation of the capital city. Vote Nicky for Mayor!

Gay and Lesbian Community of Athens


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