Saturday, July 18, 2009

Turner and Italy

For the first time the Hungarian public has the opportunity to admire an independent exhibition of works by one of the most significant landscape painters of the 19th century and indeed perhaps in the entire history of art. The J.M.W. Turner exhibition at the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts, which opened July 15 runs through October 25 under the title Turner and Italy and displays over 80 works presented chronologically to show the career of the artist from his early landscapes to his near-abstract, late pictures.

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Anonymous Selby Whittingham said...

It should be remembered that exhibitions such as this come at a severe cost, involving the disregard of Turner's wishes and of the wishes of today's public for a Turner Gallery which is permanently available for visitors to London and where his work could be seen as a whole.

7:04 PM, July 18, 2009  
Blogger said...

What is your point then?

11:55 AM, July 19, 2009  

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