Wednesday, December 06, 2006

29% of the world? Exhausted already...

Mind you... If nothing unpleasantly unexpected happens to me from now on, I have already downloaded 56% of my living time in this earth, given that healthy life expectancy at birth for males in Greece is 69.1 years (WHO stats, 2002).
The fact is depressing as such, since the realization of having something less than 30 years left is somehow shocking (just thinking that my mortgage runs through half of my remaining time, I get really pissed).
So, what have I done during my 56% of consumed time? Well… I lived in four countries and visited 62 more… This is the 29% of the official UN country list! Not that bad, considering that most people on this planet check in and out without ever leaving the borders of their home country.
Being ungrateful and greedy enough, I’d say that should I wished to see the rest of my planet before I die, I’d have to visit another 162 countries and territories in the next 30 years; this is more than 5 of them annually.
Gimme a break! I’m exhausted already man…


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